Store Master Retail System
Store Master Retail System
A modern commercial retail control system.
project description
A complete retail control system designed for medium sized multi-location businesses. The software provides all warehousing, stock control, customer tracking, cash control, point of sale and reporting services required for a dynamic retail or wholesale organisation. Providing one integrated stock tracking solution from supplier ordering, through receipt, warehousing and redistribution to the retail outlets provides an accurate real-time stock holding picture across the organisation.
my role
Creation of full system architecture and design from the original design phase forwards. Lead developer on all software module and responsible for core library architecture.
The system was developed for MS-windows using native C++ code. It can be run atop any ODBC compliant database and is currently installed with MS SQL Server.
current status
Currently licensed in several hundred sites in several countries. The source code is actively maintained and supported by Ultimate Retail Solutions. I am currently developing new features and deeper integration with external technologies for this product.
market segment
Retail and wholesale organisations ranging from one to several hundred outlets. The software is used by companies in all sectors of the retail, wholesaler and bulk seller markets in Southern Africa. It has enjoyed success in various niche markets: fashion industry (strong size and colour handling features), weapons and electronics (serial number tracking features), hardware and timber (delivery, job cards). Major clients in South Africa include QuikSilver, Multi-serv and United Fashion Outlets.
Selected shots of the Store Master system displaying some of its strongest features
central access screencentral access screen
This first entry screen to the system shows configurable real-time monitors and the staff internal messaging system
point of sale screenpoint of sale screen
An example of an operational screen to complete a standard counter sale. Such screen can be fully customed using the screen designer.
An example of a sales report as it appears on screen. The layout and field appearance (including the unfolding and data hiding capacity) are user configurable.
screen editorscreen editor
The screen editor being used to change the content of a large display area in a point of sale screen.
The main settings tree is a centralized structured settings and options system which gives access to the flexibilty of the underlying system.