XML Mojo
XML Mojo
An extensible XML file editor
project description
The increasing use of simple XML file formats to contain complex configuration information in general software trends and in our internal development led to a need for a generic XML file editor that could be used by less technical users in specific contexts.

This editor would allow full acess to the tree structure of the loaded XML file and would enable several viewers depending on the context and content of the selected file. The base product provides a simple xml tree editor, a template-based data editor and a broad framework for other viewers, editors and modal tools.

Templates can be configured to allow for simple forms and data capture, including sub lists and inserting of default node types. Templates can be configured to provide per record and per field help text to assist less technical users.
my role
I designed the framework, implemented the template extensions and designed the several custom extension viewers/editors.
The system was developed for MS-windows using native C++ code. It can be compiled in a number of different configurations to allow different tools and install footprints.
current status
The source code is used in several projects, several plug-ins are still in active development and the base source code is well maintained. Currently extension modules exist for survey formats, simulation games, graphical level designs and AI decision trees which are used on various commercial and for fun projects.