Demo World
The Demo World
The Mugen 3D library demonstration
project description
The Mugen 3D libraries support fully interactive 3D worlds with a elegant scripting backbone. This project consists of several fully immersive environments, initially the user is placed in a on the fly constructured world with portals to 'the island' and the 'Orrary'. The island is an environment with lighting, dynamic effects and scripted actor and objects. The island by night shows a similair environment in a night time scene and shows some extra features of the library such as texture animation and directed lighting. The orrary is a complete working model of the solar system with aguided tour.
my role
I designed the graphics, physics and scripting code that controls and runs the mugen 3D libraries, All the modelling, sounds effects and textures were designed by me.
The mugen 3D libraries are built on Irrlicht and IrrKlang - widely used multiplatform graphics libraries.