A commercial, educational games about geometry aimed at grade 7 to 9 learners iin South Africa for web, iOS and Android
project description
Geomax was conceived, designed and created by Papadi Games as a for profit educational game. Papadi games is a coalition between AIM and Pearson International to develop gaming content for the South African educational market. Geomax is the first game created by this collaboration to address a need in mathematics education in the late primary school years - basic euclidean geometry.
The game is intended to be fun and enguaging and in the spirit of similair games played by the age group in their leasure time; additionally it must cover broad conceptual ground with regards to basic geometry and problem solving while specifically visiting the learning outcomes of the South African education system.
my role
I am an share holder in the papardi games coallition; I led on the game design team and sat on the business teams for papardi games; I designed the architecture of the platform and game and entirely implemented the game and associated design tools.
The game and supporting tools are built entirely on HTML5 standards without dependency on any other technology allowing the game to run well on all PC and mobile environments. The HTML5 source was cross compiled to develop Android and iOS applications. The game uses Firebase to preserve state between devices and build leaderboards and class lists.
Part of the project specification was to provide a teacher's dashboard showing the progress and success of their pupils as they progressed through the levels of the game - this part of the development provides real-time feedback to teachers to monitor their pupils progress.
In addition to the game the project involved the devlopment of a full game editor supporting visual level design and in-editor testing; this system allowed game designers to develop new elements with out developer support.
current status
The game is commercially available on the Google Play and Apple stores as well as available for download from our own sites. A demo version consisting of the first 3 levels is free to download and play.