Retro Elements
Retro Elements
a collection of three small games
project description
Retro Elements was designed as a test and demonstration platform for the mugen 2D graphics library. It consists of three mini-games designed in the spirit of early 1980's home computer games.
my role
I coded the underlying graphics libraries and did all the game design, artwork and sound for these three games.
The mugen libraries are built in c++ accessing the graphics layers through open GL and the platform independant SFML. A level editor to support sprites, scripting and interface layout was also developed.
some screen shots of the games
menu screensmenu screens
simple menu and score display for the three games
pink elephant - startpink elephant - start
An example of the pink elephant game styling: combining photographic elements from Cape Town's graffitti with digitally rendered text instructions.
donkey kongless - widedonkey kongless - wide
A still showing the starting position and the various charcoal on paper parallax layers that comprise the graphic style of this game.
donkey kongless - close updonkey kongless - close up
A shot showing the yellow barrels falling down and the red balloons risin,g demonstrating the physics model.
rocks in space - earlyrocks in space - early
At the beginning rocks in space looks a close clone to the original monochrome coin-operated game Asteroids of my childhood.
rocks in space - middlerocks in space - middle
Progressing further in the game changes the graphics and sounds system to reflect the 16 colour EGA displays of the late 80's.
rocks in space - endrocks in space - end
If you can fight your way through to the end the graphics become ful 32 bit colour and background layer transparency is used to produce a modern look.