Citizen Surveys Toolkit
Citizen Surveys Toolkit (TM)
A multi-platform survey capture system
project description
Citizen Surveys conducts large scale interviews across South Africa. The software package supports the design of complex survey forms; these surveys are conducted in person (android tablets running custom software), telephonically (in office capture) or on-line (secure public facing web site). Application editor software, android software and web-site/web-server storage are all integrated to provide a single secure store of survey results.These can be delivered directly as packaged statistics.
my role
Architecture and implementation across all software platforms.
The webside development was completed in Java on Apache Tomcat 6 developed with storage provided by a postgres database. All android development was in Java with open source apache java libraries. The editor software is coded in c++ as plugins to my standard XML editor XML Mojo.
current status
The system is in daily use by all Citizen Survey operators managing multiple long term survey projects across South Africa. The software is currently under active development.
screen shots
A few screen shots from the web and android applications.
web application - entry screenweb application - entry screen
The entry screen an adminstrator would use to navigate the functionality.
web application - report filtersweb application - report filters
The options on a report display the client-side HTML5 driven interface.
web application - survey captureweb application - survey capture
A question from a user-defined survey configured for a phone operator to capture responses.
android application - entry screenandroid application - entry screen
The simple touch screen interface used by field operatives on handheld android tablets.
android application - survey screenandroid application - survey screen
An example of a screen that an operator would use to capture the response to a face to face question on a clipboard sized touch android device.
editor application - survey baseeditor application - survey base
The base editor screen showing all the questions on a survey
editor application - questioneditor application - question
Screen showing the options on a single question type.