The Dashboard
The Aim Dashboard
A data gatherer and report generator.
project description
Aim offers deep analysis of individuals within the context of team members and the work environment. This tool was designed to gather this data which comes from diverse sources and assemble it into a elegant report appropriate for the corporate environment.

The software offers configurable sections and sub-sections to design reports suiting different levels of analysis.Reports are provided in two formats (an 'at a glance' summary and a fully detailed report) and can be displayed directly in a browser or saved as stand=alone HTML in a zip file. This zipped version is fully interactive.
my role
I was approached to replace legacy software that managed some parts of this project but was insufficiently flexible to manage the changing business need. I am responsible for the web application architecture, design and implementation. I created the HTML/CSS front end design used in the reports following a graphic design.
The application is written in java and runs on a standard Apache-Tomcat server stack backed by postgres-SQL data storage.
current status
The system is in use daily to capture and produce reports of this nature. Further development on the administrative aspects of the software is expected as new business needs are addressed.
the client
Aim is a leadership development organisation focused on providing values-based leadership solutions that they deliver through innovative customised solutions aligned with their client's specific needs.
Some screen shots of the game software in action
main menumain menu
Shows the main application menu for an administrator
report section set-upreport section set-up
A configuration screen describing the interaction and display of a specific report section.
report summaryreport summary
One of the utputs is this iteractive summary of the report findings.
report detailreport detail
The full text of the reportis presented in this form with attached references.