FFSA Volunteer Software
FFSA Volunteer Software
Software to organise thousands of volunteer helpers
project description
Food Forward South Africa organises large scale events in multiple locations through out the country; efficiently getting members of the public to the right place at the right time required technological support.The software allows members of the public to register their details and choose specific shifts at locations nearby for wihch to volunteer their help. It allows them to self-organise into teams with team leaders, sends reminders to people in the days leading up to the event, provides mapping features to ensure they get to the location and reports on actual attendance.
my role
I was contracted by FFSA to identify the keys needs, design software interfaces, create the software architecture and storage solutions and unltimately to do the final implementation of the project.
The application is written in java and runs on a standard Apache-Tomcat server stack backed by postgres-SQL data storage. The system is designed for large numbers of concurrent users and supports complex vackend reporting.
The volunter software is fully responsive and displays and functions well on any screen size and on very low end devices.
current status
The system is currently in use by FFSA and has thousands of registered users who are using it to book and attend volunteer events.
the client
Food Forward South Africa is a NGO that provides food security to children and people at risk. Some of the work involves members of the public often at large events to pack and distribute food.
Some screen shots of the software in action
Where a member of the public signs in.
home screenhome screen
Initial home screen of volunteer system
event summaryevent summary
Detail of a volunteer event
back-end reportback-end report
A back end report showing which events need volunteers