Aim Leadership Enabler
Aim Leadership Enabler
A business simulation
project description
Aim provides customised training to clients in leadership and management skills. The software system simulates real-life business concepts and situations in a game form which is played over several days. The system simulates the market situation and business logic in addition to providing reports and dynamic data on the current game situation. Decisions made by the teams interactively affect the model which encompasses financial, internal, customer and values metrics.

The system manages 6 iPads per team that act as displays, background information storage and input mechanism during the play.

The software package also supports the creation and maintenance of such game system by non-technical designers: a complete editor system allowing the easy creation of unique layouts, input types, game logic and game rules.
my role
I was invited at the founding of the project to create a complete technical support framework for the training teams. I am responsible for the software architecture, design and implementation and have often been a significant contributor to the conceptual game design.
The game structure is described in a custom XML format, loaded by a interpreter coded in c++ and designed to run on a windows PC. Using AllJyon technology over a wireless network it controls the displays, monitors and interacts with 36 iOS tablets in the hands of the players of the game.
The editor/testing software was developed in c++ as a series of plugins for my standardised XML Mojo editor.
current status
The system is being used in long term training of several large South African companies in the mining and construction sector. Several new game environments built on the software are currently in development for various markets.
the client
Aim is a leadership development organisation focused on providing values-based leadership solutions that they deliver through innovative customised solutions aligned with their client's specific needs.
Some screen shots of the game software in action
capturing operation decisionscapturing operation decisions
Shows the interface that a facilitator would use to capture the turns operational decisions - this can be done by scanning barcoded cards or manually.
A report delivered to the players during the course of the game; available on screen or on paper.
editor screeneditor screen
The editor interface showing various tools used in creating business games.
output of physical play objectsoutput of physical play objects
The game can create real-world printouts such as these funder card examples.
editing output documentsediting output documents
The program includes facilities to configure and edit all documents and screens, including a full expression evaluation system