PSFA Project
Peninsula Schools Feeding Association Project
A distributed management system
project description
The PSFA is a non-profit that provides cooked meals to 600 000 school children everyday. This involves food delivery and the management of several hundred kitchens located throughout the Cape province of South Africa. The software provides a reporting platform on an android tablet or phone devices to record information regarding how these kitchens are running: stock level, availability of volunteers, special difficulties and needs.

Inspectors working for the PSFA use the software to report from the many school kitchens they visit each day. This data is synchronised and assembled at the Cape town administrative offices and provided as consolidated reports.

The format and reporting of the data captured at kitchen locations can be defined and remotely configured using a custom survey editor written for the purpose.
my role
I was responsible for the architecture, design and implementation on both mobile and desktop systems.
The mobile system is designed to run on any android device using Android version 2.2. or greater and is developed natively in Java. Data is stored locally on the devices and synchronised to the cloud using drop box when internet connectiovity is available. Updates to survey formats, data files and software can be communicated via the same mechnism.

The desktop reporting software is developed under Java 7 and will execute on any windows, *unix or OSX desktop machine. Data is gathered from the cloud (using dropbox) and is compiled into standard spreadsheet formats.

The survey editor software was developed in c++ for windows as part of the greater XMLMojo project,
current status
The system is currently being used for all school inspections. New features are currently under development for the next phase of the project.
Some images of various peices of the software
opening screen on tabletopening screen on tablet
The main screen of the tablet software showing the possible surveys to complete or which are in progress, as display here on a large high-resolution tablet
opening screen on small deviceopening screen on small device
The basic navigation screen as it appears on a small (approx 4 inch) smart-phone sized screen
a sample questiona sample question
This screen shot taken from a tablet shows a typical question that requyires capturing on the mobile software.
another question another question
Another image showing how a typical question might be presented on a small screen (smart-phone) device.
reporter softwarereporter software
A sample of how the desktop reporter software might look for a configured report.